Brookline Community Acupuncture

Effective, Affordable Care for the Whole Community


Community-Style Acupuncture is truly medical care for the people. Long available in the United States only to those few who could afford it, today, by returning to a community model, acupuncture can once again be accessible to all.

At Brookline Community Acupuncture, treatments are provided in a group setting and offered on a sliding scale. Therefore, you can come more frequently and thus optimize the effects of the treatments. Everyone's needs and financial situations are different. Your practitioner will suggest how often she/he feels you need to receive a treatment, but the decision is yours. Although we have a suggested fee scale based on income, you pay what you feel you can afford. Initial visits range from $35 to $50, and follow-up visits go from $25 to $40.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that the following are acupuncture-appropriate conditions:

• Addiction • Anxiety • Arthritis
• Asthma • Back pain
• Bronchitis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Chronic fatigue 
• Colitis • Common cold • Constipation 
• Dental pain • Depression • Diarrhea
• Digestive trouble • Dizziness • Dysentery 
• Emotional problems • Eye problems • Facial palsy/tics
• Fatigue • Fibromyalgia • Gingivitis
• Headache • Hiccough • Incontinence 
• Indigestion • Infertility • Irritable bowel
• Menopause • Menstrual irregularities • Migraine 
• Morning sickness • Nausea • Osteoarthritis
• Pain • Pneumonia • Premenstrual syndrome
• Reproductive problems • Rhinitis • Sciatica
• Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) • Shoulder pain
• Sinusitis • Sleep disturbance
• Smoking • Sore throat • Stress
• Tennis elbow • Tonsilitis • Tooth pain
• Trigeminal neuralgia • Urinary tract infection • Vomiting
• Wrist pain


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